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Levitating Plants, Lamps and Mini Moons! How They Work and Why They're Great!

Levitating Plants, Lamps and Mini Moons! How They Work and Why They're Great!

Looking for something unique and captivating to add to your home? Maybe you’re in search of something extravagant to enhance your bedroom, living room, or eye catching desk décor for your office? Whatever it is, our Levias collection has the answer to your needs!


Our Levias product range comes in a beautiful, modern design, complementing any room - even in the most minimalistic homes. Looking for home office desk décor ideas? 


Levitating display gadgets are trending like never before


Using magnetic levitation technology, our innovative Air Garden, Sky Light, and Mini Moon add a magic touch to your living or working space - Watch your favourite little plants float in mid-air or invite a piece of the Universe into your house with one of our Mini Moons!

The futuristic way of displaying home décor is becoming more and more popular! And for good reasons: It’s different, unique, and puts an innovative twist on the traditional interior design.

With various plant holders and lamp designs to choose from in our range, you will find something that fits your and your loved ones’ personal style!


Below, we’ve listed 5 reasons why our Levias home décor should be part of any new interior design:


1. It’s an eye-catching conversation starter

Make a levitating home décor piece a centerpiece in your home! These futuristic pieces of art are sure to leave an impression on your guests. 

Its stunning and eye-catching design stands out from any other traditional interior design and makes a great talking point!


2. It’s calming and relaxing 

Enhance the look, feel, and atmosphere of any part of your house or working space! The rotation of our Levias products has a calming and relaxing feel to them. Glance away as they smoothly rotate or hover above the magnetic platform.

Our Air Garden also help set the right mood! This beauty is great for the office, or any room you choose so you can relax in the right atmosphere with your preferred light setting.


3. It’s fun, creative & different for the whole family

Contrary to a traditional plant pot or lamp, our Levias collection provides a fun piece of art to be enjoyed by the entire family.


Whether you’d like to add more nature into your home or swap your standard desk lamp with something more fascinating, our Levias range accommodates kids and adults alike.


If you want to opt-out of any potential mess from a levitating real plant in the kids’ room, use an artificial plant for a maintenance-free option.


Another excellent choice for kids is our Mini Moon. These spectacular pieces not only set the mood for adults but can be a great addition to your kids’ bedroom or playroom!


4. You can enhance your plants’ life with the Air Garden

Yep, you read that right. Having your planter pot rotate in the air while suspended in a magnetic field means it can get a full 360 degrees of sunlight if placed near a window.

In this way, every single leaf can get exposed to the sun, enabling the plant to grow symmetrical and upwards.


5. It’s the perfect gift with a wow factor!

We all know that one person who has it all! That’s why the Air Garden or Sky Light is the perfect gift for birthdays or a public holiday like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, and more.


Imagine someone you love opening this enchanting piece of art; with their sleek and modern, yet minimalized, design, they are bound to blow anyone away without being “too much.”


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How does our Levias home décor float in the air?


You have probably wondered how on earth you can make something levitate out in thin air? It looks like magic, but it’s the real power of magnets! Each of our Levias products is uniquely crafted with the use of magnetic levitation technology

This new patented design uses coils inside a magnetic ring housed inside the display unit’s base. It lets the planters float and rotate freely in mid-air without any contact or support. The display is silent and won’t make any noise during operation.

Our Sky Light work with the same principle; It has magnets placed in the base unit as well as in the galaxy, moon, and metal balls, which helps it levitate in the air when the unit is plugged in and turned on.


The Air Garden: Science-inspired magical floating pots for your plants

These neat little plant holders are a perfect melding of minimalistic art and science, giving you a unique, eye-catching centerpiece for your home or office.

The Air Gardens are ideal for both natural plants and artificial plants. You can even create your own levitating miniature fairy garden!

The planter’s smooth floating and slow rotation has a soothing and calming effect on the viewer. Its faceted design adds to its visual effect as it rotates in suspension over the base platform. 


The Mini Moon: Bring the light of the night sky into your home

Become entranced and soothe your mind with our Mini Moon inspired by the Universe.

Set the mood in your home or office and create a zen space to help you relax as you watch the moon or the galaxy slowly rotate 360 degrees.

With the Mini Moon as part of your interior design, you can be ensured to fall asleep to a mesmerizing experience! Its soft LED light will keep it easy on the eyes and help you unwind.

These incredible lamps feature a touch control on the base to change between three different light settings: cool, warm, and natural.


Bring in a piece of magic to your home today or surprise someone you love

For the ones with a minimalist taste and for the ones who want a touch of extra sparkle, we have something for everyone. Level up your interior design today by checking out more details of our Levias range.

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